Doxygen latest release v1.5.9 - last update 14 Feb 2011

Doxygen の履歴

Version 1.2.0

Major new features:

  • Support for RTF output.
  • Using the dot tool of the AT&T's GraphViz package, doxygen can now generate inheritance diagrams, collaboration diagrams, include dependency graphs, included by graphs and graphical inheritance overviews.
  • Function arguments can now be documented with separate comment blocks.
  • Initializers and macro definitions are now included in the documentation.
  • Variables and typedefs are now put in their own section.
  • Old configuration files can be upgraded using the -u option without loosing any changes.
  • Using the \if and \endif commands, doxygen can conditionally include documentation blocks.
  • Added Doc++ like support for member grouping.
  • Doxygen now has a GUI front-end called doxywizard (based on Qt-2.1)
  • All info about configuration options is now concentrated in a new tool called configgen. This tool can generate the configuration parser and GUI front-end from source templates.
  • Better support for the using keyword.
  • New transparent mini logo that is put in the footer of all HTML pages.
  • Internationalization support for the Polish, Portuguese and Croatian language.
  • Todo list support.
  • If the source browser is enabled, for a function, a list of function whose implementation calls that function, is generated.
  • All source code fragments are now syntax highlighted in the HTML output. The colors can be changed using cascading style sheets.

Version 1.0.0

Major new features:

  • Support for templates and namespaces.
  • Internationalization support. Currently supported languages are: English, Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Swedish.
  • Automatic generation of inheritance diagrams for sub and super classes.
  • Support for man page, compressed HTML help, and hyperlinked PDF output.
  • Cross-referencing documentation with source code and source inlining.
  • LaTeX formulas can be included in the documentation.
  • Support for parsing Corba and Microsoft IDL.
  • Images can be included in the documentation.
  • Improved parsing and preprocessing.

Version 0.4

Major new features:

  • LaTeX output generation.
  • Full JavaDoc support.
  • Build-in C-preprocessor for correct conditional parsing of source code that is read by Doxygen.
  • Build-in HTML to LaTeX converter. This allows you to use HTML tags in your documentation, while doxygen still generates proper LaTeX output.
  • Many new commands (there are now more than 60!) to document more entities, to make the documentation look nicer, and to include examples or pieces of examples.
  • Enum types, enum values, typedefs, #defines, and files can now be documented.
  • Completely new documentation, that is now generated by Doxygen.
  • A lot of small examples are now included.

Version 0.3

Major new features:

  • A PHP based search engine that allows you to search through the generated documentation.
  • A configuration file instead of command-line options. A default configuration file can be generated by doxygen.
  • Added an option to generate output for undocumented classes.
  • Added an option to generate output for private members.
  • Every page now contains a condensed index page, allowing much faster navigation through the documentation.
  • Global and member variables can now be documented.
  • A project name can now given, which will be included in the documentation.

Version 0.2

Major new features:

  • Blocks of code are now parsed. Function calls and variables are replaced by links to their documentation if possible.
  • Special example documentation block added. This can be used to provide cross references between the documentation and some example code.
  • Documentation blocks can now be placed inside the body of a class.
  • Documentation blocks with line range may now be created using special //! C++ line comments.
  • Unrelated members can now be documented. A page containing a list of these members is generated.
  • Added an \include command to insert blocks of source code into the documentation.
  • Warnings are generated for members that are undocumented.
  • You can now specify your own HTML headers and footers for the generated pages.
  • Option added to generated indices containing all external classes instead of only the used ones.

Version 0.1

Initial version.

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